What Is Your Idea Of A "Good Job?"

In Gallup's "World Poll" of 2013, they found that what the whole world wants, is a "good job." They also discovered an astounding 63% of workers worldwide are "not engaged" in their work. That is, they "lack motivation and are less likely to invest discretionary effort in organizational goals or outcomes."

Could this be because they don't feel their job is a "good" one?

Pay is not the most important factor for most people in a "good" job. Research shows that a critical factor in job satisfaction is meaning. The kind of meaning that comes from knowing that you are accomplishing something very important. 

We don’t find meaning in our work, we bring meaning to our work. 

The key to bringing meaning to our work lies in seeing a purpose for our work much greater than ourselves. This can happen by engaging in the First Commission (to govern over all of creation) and the Great Commandment (to love God, and our neighbors as ourselves). 

Fulfillment on the job is a byproduct of how we engage in these two commissions.

Recommended Plan: Get together with a small group, either in your home or in a church setting, meeting once a week for 90 minutes. In 12 weeks, by taking one chapter per week, your group can navigate through God's Pleasure At Work, watching short video clips at your meetings that will prompt discussion. Then in a second 12 weeks, you can do the same with Volume 2: The Difference One Life Can Make. 

Participate in group discussions based on short chapters of the books
Watch short video clips together
Apply what is learned to the “real-world” of work during the week
Share how workplace applications are going at the next meeting

Benefits And Outcomes:

Fuller engagement in your daily work as service to God and others
More fulfilling use of work time and energy toward a purpose beyond yourself
The joy of making the world a better place
Release from the false divide between “sacred” and “secular” work
A different attitude about your work, with much greater meaning and purpose

God's Pleasure At Work (containing 12 short chapters with 25 DVD clips) is $19.95, and The Difference One Life Can Make is also $19.95. There is a 12% discount if both books/DVDs are purchased at the same time.

To order, click here. Or, if you prefer to order via phone, call 425.246.5386.

For more information about the author, Dr. Christian Overman, and the organization he directs, see www.worldviewmatters.com

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