What Does the Whole World Want?

According to Gallup's "World Poll", what the whole world wants, is a "good job." 

They also discovered in this 142-country study that 63% of workers worldwide are "not engaged" in their work, and an additional 24% are "actively disengaged." The 63% lack motivation and are less likely to invest discretionary effort in organizational goals or outcomes, and 24% are unhappy and unproductive at work. Only 13% of employees are "engaged" at work. That is, they are "psychologically committed to their jobs and likely to be making positive contributions to their organizations."

Pay is not the most important factor for most people in a "good" job. Research shows that a critical factor in job satisfaction is meaning. The kind of meaning that comes from knowing you are accomplishing something very important, for something (or Someone) much bigger than yourself

We don’t get meaning from our work, we bring meaning to our work!

In the Foreword to this book, John Beckett, Chairman of The Beckett Companies and author of Loving Monday, calls God's Pleasure At Work "the finest and most practically helpful publication ever produced on this subject."

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This course may be approached as an independent study by individuals, or it may be used in a group setting, as a church small group or Sunday School class, a group of employees, or at the high school level as a Bible class, a careers class, an economics class, or a personal finance class.

Here are actual comments from high school students using this text as a Bible course at a Christian school: 

"I have learned many things about the nature of work, God's purpose for it, and how a Christian should view it. These lessons will not only serve me well in my future career, but shape how I go about the day-to-day tasks of the present."

"I really love how this book shows us that we should not look at life as sacred and secular, but rather everything that we do can either be for the glory of God or contrary to His will."

"…I have benefited so much from this class…Dr. Overman delivers his points clearly, with accuracy to Scripture. I would highly recommend the Theology of Work material and class to everyone at [name of school]."

"…I learned so much more than I could've imagined…I learned so much personally that I cannot wait to use in the future and share with others. I believe all Christians should read this book and soak in all the goodness just like our class did over the course of this year."

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